30 Apr

Rainbow Weaving Workshop


1:30pm to 3:00pm




The Orchards

4059 Orchards Drive SW

Weave Your Own Mini Rainbow

This fun and interactive class will teach the fundamental skills needed to weave your own mini rainbow! In this class, students will learn: 

  • How to set up a frame loom to weave small tapestries. 
  • The four weaving stitches used in making this piece: twining, rya knots, tabby, and bubbles. 
  • How to finish your piece by weaving in your ends, cutting your rainbow off the loom, and attaching it to a dowel. 

All students will be provided with a frame loom to weave on, as well as the supplies needed to complete this project.

This class is perfect for beginners, as well as those who have tried frame loom weaving and are interested in learning new techniques, alongside an instructor. Ages 10+

Participants should have good fine motor skills and be able to follow simple, step-by-step directions. Participants will use a loom, scissors, weaving needles, and a comb to complete this project, with instructor support. 

Cost:  $55- resident Rate $60 Non-resident Rate

*There will be an option available for students to purchase and take home their loom at the end of class, for an additional cost of $35.

About the Instructor:

Laura Kelm is a self-taught fibre artist who specializes in weaving, hand-spinning, and creating textile art. She has adapted traditional tapestry weaving tools and techniques to bring new life to this ancient art. Using colour, texture, and carefully curated fibres, Laura weaves abstract and modern tapestries that have a unique, bohemian style.

When she isn’t in her “nest” of fibres, Laura is a mom of three, and works in not-for-profit communications and fundraising.