Lara Reynolds

2G Fitness

Lara, co-owner of 2G Fitness is extremely passionate about teaching barre. She loves the results and how amazing you feel after each and every class. As a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years, she is the go to girl for great workouts!

Little Medical School

Little Medical School

Little Medical School brings medicine, science, and the importance of health to children in an entertaining, exciting, and fun way. We provide a complete mini-medical school experience to kids ages 4 - 12 which is aligned with STEM-based curriculum objectives allowing children to explore the field of medicine through hands-on interactive instruction, role play, crafts and games. Children will have so much fun as they dress up like doctors, use medical instruments and learn how the body works.  By participating in these role-playing experiences, Little Medical School® is inspiring tomorrow’s doctors today!

HIGH Fitness

HIGH Fitness

We both grew up involved in sports, and now, as busy young mothers struggling to find time for ourselves, HIGH Fitness has renewed our love of being active and strengthening ourselves physically and mentally. Through first attending classes and eventually teaching, we have realized that there are many people feeling the same way. We are so happy to share what we have found within the High Fitness community with others.

Puddle of Mud

Puddle of Mud - Dance Class

Puddle of Mud Productions is an arts organization that caters to movers, shakers and thespians of all ages and specializes in programs to get children active and moving.  Puddle of Mud Productions has catered to thousands of students since its inception in 2007; they pride themselves on the unique focus put on the creative side of learning, and use that as a catalyst for skills in any discipline.

Ritu Chalaway


Ritu has been practicing yoga since childhood as pretty much a way of living. She became a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher in 2016 and since then, has had the opportunity to learn from various knowledgeable teachers. Ritu has been teaching Yin yoga at the ORA since last year and now excited and looking forward to teach Hatha Yoga as well.



The Sportball team are like a family. They spread more smiles per square mile than anyone around, united in the belief that every kid deserves to play, laugh and develop a life-long love of movement and sport. Each coach is trained through several levels of professional development, and ties every game, skill or activity into the Sportball Methodology. Coaching with purpose, and passion!

Ion Durbaca


Ion has over 20 years of experience in Karate (Kyokushin Karate) and has been teaching it since 2009 around Edmonton. He is the founder of "Friendly Eagle" school ( His goal is to spread the spirit, history, culture and techniques of karate and to educate students in the traditional methods and practical applications inherent in the Kyokushin style, ultimately training their hearts and bodies to become equally strong fighters and peaceful individuals.

Debbie Bermudez


Debbie Bermudez is our adult zumba instructor. Debbie teaches traditional zumba with a mix of Latin and world rhythm flavour! Debbie is a mother of two and has been active for most of her life. She recognizes the many benefits of zumba, including reduction of anxiety, easier calming and sleep techniques, as well as the practice of mindfulness. Be sure to check out her energetic zumba class at the Social House.