Do you have someone in your neighbourhood who is always lending a helping hand? Maybe they voluntarily shovel your sidewalk or driveway, help you carry in your groceries, or organize neighbourhood events. Well, it’s time to recognize those good neighbours! 

The Heart of the Orchards Residents Association (ORA) aims to recognize those individuals in the Orchards who contribute to a safe, inclusive, and warm community.   

We encourage you to nominate your fellow neighbours who:

  • Model community spirit
  • Help in times of need
  • Improve feeling of safety and security
  • Encourage fellow neighbours to get together and connect

There are two categories for nominations and one from each category will be selected (Youth 12 – 17 yrs old) and Adult (+18). Each recipient of the Good Neighbour Award will receive:

  • Heart of the ORA door sign (18+),  $50 ORA gift card (12 – 17 years old)
  • Certificate of acknowledgement from the ORA Social Committee,
  • Featured in the ORA Newsletter and in the Orchards Club House. 

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognized? Fill out our Heart of the ORA Recognition form by CLICKING HERE!

Please note that this recognition is only available to Orchard residents.   Every 4 months, our Social Committee will review the nominees and contact the recognized individual.