Find all the important documents associated with the operations of the Residents Association.

Membership in the Orchards Residents Association is automatic and mandatory with the purchase of a home in the Orchards. The payment of dues, which is reviewed and established annually, is secured by an Encumbrance (subject to upward adjustment for inflation) registered on the title of each member’s property. The Association, including the operation of the Orchards, is administered by a Board of Directors made up of Brookfield Residential and resident representatives.

Annual fees for 2022 are $394.38 plus GST.*The Encumbrance amount for each property is $550.00 per year and is subject to an annual adjustment by percentage increase, if any, of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) “All items” and GST.

Current Articles of the Association

Fees can be paid online or in person at the Clubhouse. Please click here to pay your fees online.

Collection Procedure

Fees are due January 1.

On February 1 and March 1: Interest is applied to all outstanding accounts (5% per annum in excess of the prime rate of interest). Interest will be applied on the first business day of each month.

On April 1: Accounts are handed over to Orchards Residents Association’s legal counsel, Field Law LLP, for collections.

As well, please note:

  • Legal costs association with the collection of fees, as determined by Field Law LLP, will be charged back to the homeowner.
  • It is each homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that payments are received by the Orchards Residents Association, in full, by the due dates. Late payment charges will be applied to each account in arrears until full payment is received.

2017 Audited Financials

2018 Audited Financials

2019 Audited Financials

2020 Audited Financials

New Home Owners

Welcome to the neighbourhood! We are excited to get to know you. If you are new to the Orchards Community and have not received your membership card, we would love to invite you down to the Club House to create one, and to give you a tour of our Club House. Attached you will find our New Home Owner’s Form for you to complete. Fill out all information for every occupant of your home (including children). All occupants over the age of 12 will receive a membership card. Please bring proof of residency, and a piece of photo ID to create your card. 

New Homeowners Form
Residents Association Brochure

Adding a Household Member

Have you welcomed some new household members? Whether it is a new bundle of joy, or the presence of a new roommate, informing the Club House will allow us to update your information. Once we add your new household member, those over the age of 12 will be able to have their membership card created. Please bring proof of residency, and a piece of photo ID to create your card. 

Add a Family Member Form

Transferring Privileges to Tenants

As a Landlord, you have the opportunity to transfer Club House privileges to allow your tenants to access the Club House Facility and all of the amenities within the grounds. By doing this, you as the homeowner are transferring your access to your tenants. The home owner is still responsible for all Resident’s Association Fees. Please complete the Tenant Transfer form, and inform tenants about all rules and regulations of the Club House. If an update in tenants is needed, please inform the Club House as soon as possible. Remind tenants that they will need a piece of photo ID and proof of residency to create membership cards (a lease agreement is a great example). 

Tenant Transfer Form

Surveillance Policy 

The Club House does use Video Surveillance (VS) in all public areas of the facility. The purpose of the VS is only for the use of safety and security purposes. To view our full policy, please see our Security Video Surveillance Policy. 

Surveillance Policy

Lawyer Information

Are you looking to request Club House membership fee information? Whether it is for a new build or a resale, lawyer’s offices can request fee information for home sales. 

Request for Fee Information