Our Farmers Market will return Summer 2021

Thank you to all of our vendors and patrons for a wonderful 2020 season! We look forward to returning in 2021. For a list of our 2020 vendors see below.

Farmers’ markets offer small and mid-sized vendors and suppliers a low-barrier entry point to develop and establish a thriving business free from the overhead necessary to sell in large retail outlets. But just as important, farmers’ markets create a space where the focus of food is on quality and farming practices rather than price alone. Local farmers and vendors will deliver fresh, local food and products to a growing number of shoppers demanding food that is healthy and products that will be unique. Behind the rows of produce, busy vendors, and eager customers, farmers’ markets are a bustling hub of sustainability.

When: 5:30 – 8:00, weekly
Where: 4059 Orchards Drive SW
Contact: Lara at 587-525-9640 or via e-mail

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Vendor Contract 2020

List of Vendors

Red Apple

Attending all market dates.

Red apple has been in operation since 1996. Partnering with several orchards in the Okanagan Valley and Abbotsford, BC to supply affordable, and high quality B.C. fruit to Alberta Farmers’ Markets. Enjoy fresh fruit and delicious goods all season long. 

Planet Mushrooms

Attending all market dates.

Planet Mushroom was born from a desire to eat the freshest mushrooms possible. With the global food system, the freshest food is the food we grow at home. Planet Mushrooms’ mission is to make growing and eating fresh mushrooms a fun experience. Mushrooms are nutritious fungi that provide vitamins, protein and polysaccharides. 


Birch Island Farms

Attending July 6, 27, August 10, 24.

Birch Island Farms produces high quality eggs and meats by raising their animals in the outdoors on fresh pasture supplemented with organic feed. Great tasting, high quality goods right in the heart of Alberta. 


Holy Kraut

Attending July 6, 20, 27, August 10, 24.

Handmade unpasteurized and naturally fermented Sauerkraut with sea salt. With 9 different flavours, fermentation kits, starters, and cultures available, you will develop a love for Kraut that will have you saying “Holy Kraut”.


Confetti Express

Attending all market dates.

A fun bowl of hard serve Ice Cream and crumbled cookies mixed with a candy buffet… YUM! After years of event planning, the creators of Confetti Express still had the desire to be a fun and exciting part of events, so Confetti Express was born: food and fun mixed into one.


Cherry Cove Designs

Attending all market dates.

Creating Custom designs for your home – wood working and wood signs. Beautifully designed, right in the heart of your community. 


Tamarack Jack’s

Attending all market dates.

Tamarack Jack’s is a local apiary and meadery of Clearwater County, AB. The team has been producing honey and mead for 3 years and believes that communities should be able to get all their products locally or straight from the source.


Tasty Treats

Attending all market dates.

A taste of home! Providing Ukrainian style homemade perogies and cabbage rolls. Sweet tooth? Indulge in the Ukranian and European style cookies, buns, cupcakes, nalysnyke, and perijky. 

Gail’s Worry Free Baking

Attending all market dates.

Gail’s Worry Free Baking has packaged gluten free baking mixes using certified organic ingredients. All mixes are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, and are sweetened using coconut sugars. 


Super Dips

Attending all market dates.

Super Dips are ready to eat and prepackaged dips using gluten free, MSG free ingredients, as well as no salt and no sugar.

King of Tarts 

Attending all market dates.

100% self taught baker, Jeff, has a passion for French pastry. Everything is made 100% from scratch from the dough up!


Maplewood Acres

Attending all market dates.

A family owned business running a greenhouse growing a large assortment of culinary herbs, heirloom tomatoes, perennials, annuals (when in season), and a market garden. All goods are grown chemical free!

Razors Edge

Attending all market dates

Sharpening knives, scissors, lawn mower blades, gardening tools and reel mowers while attendees visit the market. Rod has been sharpening knives for over 40 years, and has been a part of the Farmers’ Market scene for the last 5.


Safari Crafts

Attending all market dates

Beautiful African Inspired clothing. Safari crafts has been selling women’s clothing for almost 15 years and is passionate about making people feel good. 

Solar Infused Oils

Attending various market dates

Fueled from a personal experiences with eczema, the need to create solar infused oils, salves and creams was born. Using flowers such as rose, lilac an peonies, the oils are infused using the light from the sun. Not only do they smell amazing, but each product only houses a maximum of 3 ingredients. 

The Fort Distillery

Attending all market dates

The Fort Distillery is a craft distillery located in Fort Saskatchewan AB. It is run by husband and wife duo Nathan and Kayla. Using local ingredients, a chemists education, and a love for fine spirits, The Fort Distillery has created amazing spirits that will life YOUR spirits!



Attending July 27, 2020

ReWrapt products are hand sewn by Kerry and Jesse, a mother-daughter team in Edmonton. The fabric gift wraps and face masks promote an earth friendly lifestyle. Started in 2019, the driving force has been to keep single use wrapping paper out of the landfills. Designed by Jesse, these all-in-one fabric gift wraps are reversible, and designed to be used over and over. ReWrapt recently ‘retooled’ to produce quality face masks for the entire family.


Poutine World

Attending all market dates

Poutine World offers 11 different types of Poutine, fresh cut fries, beef hotdogs, chicken corndogs, deep fried pickles, mac and cheese bites, and taco in a bag. The truck started with a thought 8 years ago by heading to the the Fringe festival. After that, they never looked back! Enjoy all of their delicious goodies for the remainder of the Market season.