Orchards Community Tool Shed – UPGRADE!

Do you have a home project, but don’t have the right tools to do the job? Stop by The Club House borrow the tools you need – FOR FREE!

How does the Tool Shed Work?

  1. Browse through the full list of tools on our Tool Shed Site
  2. Create an account on the Tool Shed Site *must have a valid Orchards Club House Membership Card.
  3. Reservations are for 48 hours from the time that you reserve.
  4. Check in at the Front Desk at The Club House. Just let them know you’re here to borrow some tools.
  5. A staff member will meet you at the Tool Shed to complete the check out process.
  6. Take the tools home, use them in a safe manner!
  7. When you are returning the tools, check in at the front desk.
  8. Meet a staff member at the Tool Shed with the tools.
  9. We hope you enjoy your projects



TOOLS are loaned out for 48 hours maximum.  You can renew once the tool is brought back and in the system again.  This is to ensure as many of our residents as we can have access to these items.  We no longer have the ability to manage wait lists and hope this system gives all our community members access to our tools.