Wood Burning Fires

We have three unique fire balls located in the park near the family rink.  Originally these fireballs were natural gas and over the years multiple factors have had us convert them to wood burning fires. 

  • Original design not intended for our harsh, cold winters.
  • Annual maintenance on the parts expensive. 
  • Inconsistency of service frustrating for community.
  • Aesthetically they were gorgeous with the gas flame, but did not provide much warmth.
  • Wood is 1/3 of the cost of the gas being used annually. 

After getting community input and discussing with our Board of Directors we have decided to convert the fire balls to wood burning.  This will offer a warm place in the winter with consistent service and nice atmosphere.  Everyone’s feedback and suggestions are always welcome to make The Orchards Residents Association the best it can be for its members.

Wood burning fires to keep you warm will be kept daily during rink season

Monday to Friday
5pm to 9pm
Saturday, Sunday and holidays
1pm to 9pm

Fires are not maintained when the temperature is -22 or colder with the wind chill