November 19, 2021

Ice, Ice, Maybe?…

Its’ that time of year… The first snow has fallen, and the cooler temperatures are upon us. This seems like the perfect time to go skating outdoors. We would LOVE to do that too – and we will soon enough. There are a few considerations we need to think about before beginning to create the rinks: The temperature needs to be consistently below -10 degrees Celsius over night, and consistently below – 2 degrees Celsius during the day. Right now, we are still enjoying some higher temperatures that prevent solid good layers of ice from being built. Building solid, beautiful ice, can take many hours over a period of days. The rinks are built in layers, and each layer needs to be frozen before the next goes down. It is a slow process, but the results of doing it right mean we have a higher quality ice to enjoy.

We know you are excited: we are too! As soon as the rinks are ready, we will announce it on our website, and social media.